Bihar government job vacancy 2023

Bihar government job vacancy 2023 is announced soon for various posts and sectors because Bihar, one of the most populous states in India, offers a wide range of government job opportunities for individuals who are seeking employment. The state government of Bihar conducts recruitment for various posts through the Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) and … Read more

Ek Parivar Ek Naukri Scheme 2023

Ek Parivar Ek Naukri Scheme 2021 :- भारत जनसंख्या की दृष्टि से दुनिया का दूसरा सबसे बड़ा देश है जहां पर 133 करोड़ से ज्यादा लोग निवास करते हैं। अधिक जनसंख्या होने के कारण देश के सभी नागरिकों को रोजगार देना केंद्र सरकार के लिए एक परेशानी का विषय बना हुआ है। लेकिन अब इस परेशानी … Read more

Faug mobile launch date announced 2021

Faug mobile launch date In the last few months, Faug mobile game official Ncore gaming declared too many launch date like when the Pubg mobile banned in India the Ncore gamings announce his newly launched game Faug which is well known as Fearless and United guards is coming to India for taking places and replacement … Read more

Faug game download apk fast

Faug game download apk :- Faug game is one of the best game in India in upcoming days also knows as Fearless and united Guard and Fauji according to rumors which is an alternative of one of the world top best game PUBG mobile, after the ban of the pubg mobile game in India due … Read more

School reopening in Bangalore latest update 2020

School reopening in Bangalore is one of the major questions which will take fires in this lockdown period of COVID-19 which is on the peak level and making people infected day by day and with the Question that when we will win this fight with CORONA VIRUSschool reopening question raising these days now in the … Read more