Faug game download apk fast

Faug game download apk :- Faug game is one of the best game in India in upcoming days also knows as Fearless and united Guard and Fauji according to rumors which is an alternative of one of the world top best game PUBG mobile, after the ban of the pubg mobile game in India due to political issue and Chinese brand Tencent who have to keep an eye on the Indian data and privacy,

Just after the ban of the Pub-G by the Indian government Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar announced the new game Faug which is also called fauji is on-trend and the gamers want to download the faug application,

So here we provide the easiest way to how to download the Faug game in just a few simple steps and much more information like the minimum requirement for playing on the mobile and pc in this post.

According to some of the external rumors that this game is planned by the late Sushant Singh Rajput and the idea is generated by them, but later the official of faug game declare that its totally fake news,

But as far we knows this game is launched under the eye of the biggest Bollywood superstar and maybe he is the brand ambassador of the game as he is the first who tweeted from his official twitter handle

And announce that after FauG game download the 20% of total revenue is gone to the Indian army charity knows as Bharat k veer, and Gamers get the real experience & feel of the real Indian army soldiers what they face and how they play in real life is in the game.

Faug game download apk

Faug game download apk poster
Faug game download apk poster

Faug game is making super craze between the gamers before the official launch of the game as well as its face so many criticize also that is is the copy of pubg, its poster is the copy from a Hollywood movie, many fake rumors also went viral with the game this is because the political issue between China and India,

And in last months India IT sectors ban the 59 apps including Tik Tok one of the biggest apps by a Chinese company and then now in September Indian it sectors ban 118 apps including Pubg that make hurts to gamer and other political opposition and start criticizing the game.

But at last its also get to much support that this game is made under the atmanirbhar Bharat in Bangalore made gaming company

The Ncore gaming regularly update and show the reality of fake rumors which is viral in India to make the bad toxicity, some time Vishal Gondal the co-founder of Ncore gamings also come to oppose the fake rumors that are gonna on social media about its posters and gaming copy

Faug game apk official trailer released

After the first day of announcement of faug game by Akshay Kumar, there are hundreds of fake Faug game trailer is uploaded on the youtube and claiming that it is the real trailer but at last Ncore gamings, the official developers of Faug released the game trailer on his official youtube channel on the 25th September.

After the first launch of the official trailer of Faug game is really cool and dashing as well full of actions and totally give the big slap on the mouth of the fake rumors that it is a copy of the Pubg game.

In the official’s trailer, the game looks like story mode and Full of a fight with every weapon like Guns fight, RPG mode, tank fight, Player can fly the fighter jet and even sword fight also included in the faug game that means you can feel the taste of too many action games in just one single Indian made game

Ncore gaming developers of Faug games

Ncore games are one of the best and top Indian gamings developers which are located in Bangalore and official developer of Faug game download apk which is an interactive entertainment company in India.

They create and publish category-defining mobile games for the Indian market primarily develop multi-player games with immersive storylines that have a strong connection with Indian ethos. and also bring to India and publish games from top global studios for the Indian market.

Faug game download apk ncore gaming

Vishal Gondal the cofounders of Ncore gamings and owner of Faug game download apk clear too many fake rumors as well as important news about faug game download apk in the last interview that the Akshay Kumar was impressed with the game and He was ready to get how he can work with Faug and that’s how the game name came up

In fact it was his idea to name the game Faug also called fauji And clear the thoughts of people who are blaming that how can any gaming company made a such a bigger games just in 2 months after the announcement, On this question, Vishal Gondal said that the game development started much earlier before the announcement

That is started in sometime in May. So this has been in the works for quite some time Clearly even not trying to come up just after the ban of pubg it is the coincidence that it ban in the same months when The idea was, be launching the trailer in September because the game development is the long process And multiple designers leverage design needed very carefully.

So, they are very excited and are hoping that gamers in India will taste the feel full of the action for the first time after Faug game download apk released He also gives the answers of that is that the Akshay Kumar is a brand ambassador or investor

On that question, Vishal Gondal clear that Right now he’s just got very excited when he saw and currently he is a mentor and advisor It is the startup of the game so Currently they can’t afford to sign up as a brand ambassador.

After the last Friday Faug game download apk announcing their game with a lot of people did blame that both posters and game lifted from somewhere but in the interview of Vishal Gondal totally disagree the point of coping by saying that it was a certification that he use an unlicensed image from Shutterstock. 

Many people asking that why Faug does not use an image of its his game that they’ve developed such a big game or why he already been by to wait to announce the game later when the poster was ready and pubg was banned

According to Faug game download apk official they have done that more important thing earlier was just the name of the game, which we were looking to announce as you look you’re not trying to show any in-game, art or anything. And that is the creative team just wanted to give it a little more impact so what they really were announcing was the name of the game, as well as the association with the product. So, clearly, this is not a copy of any in-game, art, or the game title.

This was a teaser, and the objective was the brand and not really the background image and of course, it is not realized it and maybe more careful. Ncore gaming respect copyright, respect, equal art images by this was clearly a licensed image and he had the right streams.

Faug game download apk akshay kumar tweet
Faug game download apk

Many of Indian people and haters also criticize because of his name that even the name is not original and in fact, Faug developers gave a disclaimer right when they started saying it’s not trying to copy pub G, but really wasn’t named plan to sound similar to pub G and especially now that expanded,

Even we also know, millions of gamers and are looking for a new game to catch on to new game after the ban of pub g. But for something perspective it absolutely doesn’t sound like pub G. In fact, it sounds like for Indian real army man Fauji and they named on that basis, not on the Chinese game name basis.

Criticizer needs to need some common sense of the creativity game name sound like other than it’s not copying like for example after Flipkart, they were you know so many companies lead scarred executives is always some words which take in certain categories like lenskart nut both are a different brand.

So, clearly it much more relevant to the current context but as you will see the game has nothing to do with what it does, in terms of concept they are a completely different concept. Having said that, the game evolves, So, Ncore is expecting that over a period of time they will be releasing multiplayer, releasing Battle Royale, and other versions.

But having said that if you look at the all-action game, whether it is Call of Duty pub g fortnight. You know the basic mechanics of, you know, running around the map shooting getting weapons fighting is all there. What differentiates the game is the storyline the treatment just like movies right everybody uses the same camera and the same seats.

So, similarly in-game, but gaming mechanics are common across any action or fighter games. What is going to be the differences between the treatment, the gameplay, and the storyline, which we plan to get?

Faug game download apk is made with very few investors and funding So they are hoping that once their games are in the market. And performing good marketing they added more and more features in upcoming updates

Faug game download apk bharat k veer trust

Faug game download apk beta minimum requirements

  • FAUG game size can be between 500MB to 2GB
  • The phone must have Android 6.0 or above and 4gb ram
  • Must have an Internet connection or Wifi for playing multiplayer
  • Google Play stores
  • Gmail Account or Facebook Account to connect the game to save the game data

How to install the Faug game download apk

So, Faug game download apk is just simple as simple like earlier you download Pubg and others game like Garena free fire or Call of duty which is available in the play store

  • First, connect the Gmail account with your play store and open its and search Faug
  • Check the device compatibility and minimum space that you need on the phone at the time of download.
  • Click on the install button
  • After 100% of the download complete its been installed in your phone and appear on the home screen
  • Make sure you open the data click on the open game button sign in as Guest or you can connect with your google play email or Facebook for saving the game data.
  • Choose the character and enjoy the game.

You can download faug game apk from various other downloading sites on the internet be following this given below process

  • Go on the google search faug game download link
  • Click on the link, select the file folders
  • After 100% complete of download you need to install manually so install the game
  • open the game and start playing

Faug game download apk in iOs

  • Go to the App Store on your apple iOS device.
  • Search the FAU G in the search box.
  • Select Fau-g Game by official company Ncore games
  • Now click on the download button.
  • After the game is downloaded its automatically install and starts showing on the home screen
  • After that you can play it on your ios device by connection bt facebook or Gmail id
Faug game download apk game screenshot
Faug game download apk

Fauji Game apk PC Minimum Requirements

Faug game download apk also known as fauji game is a mobile game but after released of the game it is also may be released for Pc gamers, so we will share the minimum requirement need to your Pc tp play faug pc smoothly

  • CPU minimum – Core i3 2.4GHz
  • OS- Windows 7,8,10, 64 Bit
  • RAM – 4GB
  • GPU – DirectX11 Intel HD Graphics 4000
  • Available HDD Space – 4GB

Above requirements is minimum requirements which you must need to download in PC But for the best experience, we Recommended to below requirements

  1. CPU – Core i5 2.8GHz
  2. OS- Windows 7,8,10, 64 Bit
  3. RAM – 8GB
  4. GPU – DirectX11 NVIDIA Geforce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870
  5. Available HDD Space – 4GB

Faug game apk download released date

As even after downloading you will not play till the official released by Ncore gamings, so gamers will eagerly be waiting to know that when the Faug game is released in India,

so Ncore gamings tweet by giving this answers that this game is launched in the mid of October and available on the Google play store and apple store by the official team so gamers will not wait too much time from now.

Faug game download apk Royal pass in-gamefaug

Till now the ncore gamings didn’t confirm that either they are giving options of a royal pass or not like Pubg, and if a royal pass will come then what we get uc or is that Indian rupees, however, the game is launched without a Royal pass in starting after that they add more and more features for a better experience

Faug game map galvan valley

In the last interview of Vishal Gondal he said that the Ncore game add the Galvan valley map in the game where a few days ago India and china fights that makes also huge energy in the gamers and feel the location that how the Galvan valley really like where our soldiers fight in real with the Chinese army

By following rumors faug game also have local indian map which put more feeling in the game

Can i play Faug game without internet or on low specifiaction devices?

No, you can’t play without an internet connection because fauji game is a multiplayer battle game which must need an internet connection and a better device to play without any interrupt

Is this Game is the Best Replacement of PUBG?

Yes, it is one of the best replacement of Pubg after watching the trailers, because its have very unique features that Pubg don’t have, but sad to know that it is not like pubg story mode.

Can i play faug game with my friends in team?

Yes, it is a multiplayer game so you can invite and make your squad for fighting the others teams in the game, or you don’t have a team then the game will auto-match to you in random teammate

So, I think your all the problem and point will be cleared related to faug game download apk, stay connected with the ithesarkarinaukri.in for more upcoming updates

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